Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Not Feeling The Itch

Two days ago, Josh and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. I've heard the expression "7 year itch", meaning that after 7 years people tend to re-evaluate their relationship. To be honest I've been afraid of this anniversary. I was afraid feelings would change, minds would be changed, and our eternal family would change. I am very happy to report that the only change I feel for my sweet, loving husband is a deeper respect and a love more meaningful than anything I could have ever hoped for. Josh is my soul-mate, my eternal companion. He makes me want to be better, to keep myself worthy to be his wife forever. When we were sealed, I remember thinking that I couldn't possibly love him more. Throughout the challenges we've faced and overcome I have found a love greater than I imagined existed. I know that our trials are far from over. But I also know that we make a great team and will continue to deal with life - together.

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